December 20th, 2007

The world and I

Person of the Year

Time Person of the Year is announced. Agreement with the choice (and runner ups) is personal, but one of the international few face to face interviews with Vladimir Putin  (with inputs of Time) is definitely worth a read - not  withstanding the time it may take. Impressive.

And if people can call someone the next greatest emperor after Peter the Great, in an elected country, well, the man should not look further than not spoiling the message mesez.

The article leaves a lot of gaps - many of Russia's secrets. But anyone can read the ruthlessness of Putin between the lines. No one can rise to power as simply as described.
And how many people would have 'joked' like the following dedicated to them?
Putin and Bush are fishing on the Volga River. After half an hour Bush complains, "Vladimir, I'm getting bitten like crazy by mosquitoes, but I haven't seen a single one bothering you." Putin: "They know better than that."

What must it be like to be in a country ruled by a powerful persona, one you can admire, look up to or, simply, hate from the bottom of the heart? One powerful enough to make you fear him, and not his party, or his allies, or his frnd. Just him, alone.

So the article only tries to define their reasoning (subtly, very subtly) and strengthens their choice, but yes, its also a pathbreak - what better way to bring Russia back with a bang into media than from the cover of Time magazine?
Climb the Summit

New Search Option

Check out the Custom Search option within my page. On the left, right under the page summary, you can type in anything you want to dig out from the past pages (of DippyBlogs only) and view it at one go.

This is something that I've wanted for me own personal use (much easier than looking up tags - which is especially difficult if the particular item you want to specify or correlate was written at a time when the tags option was not available) when I want to reference a prior post. Since by the time the tag option was introduced I had already written quite a few articles, I just couldnt bring myself to sit and tag everything.

But this nifty tool should help me, and maybe you, now.

Another kudos to Google. This simple tool asks you to specify which pages you want to search (using wildcards help you go upto any pages in past) and then just use the script on the required page (even though eljay doesnt allow it in my style off page), and Voila! you can search all you want.

Am rather pleased at the moment ^^