March 27th, 2008

Light Play

Free Photoshop (express)

Since Tumblr is out for some time, Ill post this here and just say Yippee! ^__^
Rather promising just to see Adobe come out with yet another well respected free software (albeit not with all features).
Go Adobe!
Where will Picassa go from here now? I always missed the photoshop tools in picassa (the 'reduce red eye' and 'sepia tinting' are lame features). This should make picassa child's play - unless picassa steps up. Now that would be a fun race!
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Flash Games

A new flash based game I found, very nice and promising. Unfortunately, chapter II seems not to be out yet :-| Just as it got more interesting.
Play it, will definitely give you a few starts!

Its pretty basic compared to Dwarf Complete, and doesn't allow you to save progress (though here you really dont need to)
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