May 1st, 2008

Watching waiting

[LJ2ME (] Arabian sea and my company

Here i am once again by the sea. But on borrowed time. Having slipped away from the official cocktails, i sit on beach chairs lookin at the sea at night thru the floodlights of leela. All i can hear are the waves running over the beach and the rocks on the sides. The rocks which form the base of the hotel placed on the cliff facing the sea. And faint strains from the live band playing behind me at the sea food restaurant come wafting as the wind desires. If i turn back i can see dim lights of the restaurant and beyond that the spotted lights of the resort. In front of me are white crested water on a pale blue-green sea merging into the light brown empty sand beach. And darkness beyond. On the right of me are small cliffs far far away and beyond them just a row of lights for the nearing town. On the left palm trees on the hotel cliff front. Here and there a tiny crab scuttles thru the sand. The sea smells divine- salty clean fresh and like Sea!
Soon i will roll down my trousers and go back to the office crowd, socialising and then a late dinner buffet. How i wish i could just laze here like on a holiday and eat fresh lobsters at the restaurant behind me.
Leaving these plans for another day i move on to reality.