May 4th, 2008

Memorable Day

Well, it started off like any other Sunday morning - with the Janitor ringing my bell to ask if I had some rubbish which I forgot to put out. But the afternoon definitely has made it one of the days I think I will remember, at least for some time.

Afternoon I was supposed to meet V and V, and so off I went to the restaurant, running a little late, in a cab, reading an entertaining E-book. On reaching, the doorman in a hurry to let me out, and the cabbie ytaking his own time to find the change, I forgot my cardinal rule of looking once at the seats while leaving. And I forgot my precious phone there.
Hence, thi sis an Eulogy of my worthy Nokia N72. A phone which bears so many things, till recently it was my connect to the world outsdide office. Not only did it have innumerable phone numbers and messages, it also had instant photographs, ebooks, music, some access information of my bank acconts, internet access etc etc.

I feel a little lost without it for the moment at least,. Having a reliance to fall back on was definitely worth a lot.

Unlike the Mumbai Mirror article of the day (today of all days) this cabie was not part of the 80% (?) who return stuff left in their taxis. This one duly switched off the phone after a number of calls were made to contact it. What he will get out of that old phone I wonder, because it is really old, sratched and ... well, has forced me to buy a new one when I was postponing the purchase, as requested by so man of my friends. The phone was infact a little more tha just a phone for a long time, it was one I did not want to part with, wilfully at least. So I tink, Fate too was kind of bored with it.

Well, as long as our dear cab driver does not try and use the information in it in some manner, I am reconciled to the fact that it is gone and it is time for a new phone for me. But that, will take some time, and will not be tomorrow.

PS - Iron man is a Hindi Movie with good special effects, bad acting, and in English. I like the persistent use of blue LED's in it. All in all, a pretty decent movie though.
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