May 12th, 2008

Climb the Summit

The new code words

Short Term Debt or Sexually Transmitted Disease?
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient or Application Programming Interface?
Sexually Frustrated Individual or Students Federation of India?
Internet Protocol number or In-Patient number?

The acronyms remain the same for above - STD, API, SFI, IP.
In this era of acronyms, specialised subject also becomes important. The more acronyms you use, the more you need to stay within a domain.

You cannot talk of STD and expect a person to understand exactly what you mean. Nor can an IT (Information Technology or Income Tax?) guy be expected to understand your API in pharma context. A politician will think of students and a doctor will think of patient numbers.

And in the company of any of the opposing group, the minority will be at a disadvantage.

Being in context is the new constraint and acronyms are the new code words to supercede that constraint.

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