July 25th, 2008

Watching waiting

Sudden Look Outside

A chink in the blinds;
a chance look outside.
Clear windows and cloudy skies.

Two tall buildings frame the sight
But nothing between them - ahead or above

A sudden leap of view
unhindered till the horizon
A different world, a
different Mood.

A peephole to the Sea
Framing nothing and infinity
Yellow building to the left, a grey
to the right
Of glass and steel,
of concrete and might
The window opens
from an office
white and steel, with
people and machine.

But out there, within
this frame contained,
Lies a stretch infinite and vast
Larger because the view is so minor.

Clouds loom large
cumulus and grey;
Layers upon layers,
curling and straight;
Light above yet dark at the base
they meet the Sea -
serene and calm;
The base an indistinct teal
merging into the water, away, far

Closer by, the Sea seems grey
a murky brown
a cloudy bay
Shifting colours gradually yet distinctly
From a dark dense teal to a greenish hue

The clouds move
from left to right
The sea continues, towards
my eyesight
Conflicting motions, but motions nevertheless
because the buildings don't sway
Nor does the glass frame.