November 19th, 2008

LJ Caferati India writing Final

The results are out. I dint make it to the top 10, or to the special award. I'm  happy to note however, that in the first round my story got 7 on 10 (average), 7.67 being the highest I could see on the page (except the man who got the prize for highest score in round 1). I really lost out on the second round - something I kind of expected since the judges were your standard Indian Authors. (and anyone who reads here knows my views on them). Especially Judge #1 who thought my story so worthless as to be awarded 4 on 10 @#&%$

Ah well, there is (but naturally) a nudge of disappointment at not making it, but then it was something I kind of expected as well. All in all I think pretty OK for a first time effort. I just wish I would have gone ahead with my initial idea of putting up two stories - one the standard 'humane' one while keeping this sci-fi one. Ive noticed that 'humane' stories always make it through cuts - judges love em.

Office is killing.

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