December 11th, 2008

Climb the Summit

LJ upgraded!

After a long weekend in Calcutta, ensuring that my brother got engaged and reveling in the ensuing festivities, I got back justifiably tired last night. However there was a 2hr40min flight in between which I utilised for sleep so by the time I got home, I was ready to check my mail. 

And nestled among the top 3 mails was the following:

Imagine my surprise! I have not paid LJ and neither have any of my friends. However, it has to be someone who reads this blog. I am humbled and delighted. This is a most unexpected gift, if that is, it is not an error of giving away money to the wrong account.

This means I now have a permanent paid account. And I dont know who to thank for this. It does not seem to be LJ Caferati. And it is none of my regular readers and commentors.

So, all those who read this blog, I request you to make your presence felt by some form of identification and anyone who is poorer by $175 intentionally or accidentally, I would appreciate a chance to thank you! It is unnerving to have a gift and wonder about whom to thank for it. A mail will do as well.

Meanwhile Im still wrapping my mind around the idea that someone gifted me a paid account :)