July 18th, 2009


What makes a person Believe in God? what develops Faith? Blind unwavering faith.
What is it that differentiated the one experience for Jules & Vincent. so much so that the character Jules (Samuel Jackson) turns into a srlf-proclaimed bum giving up everything in life for God and the miracle he witnessed, while Vincent (John Travolta), the one without Belief in miracles goes on with life unchanged.
Of course, in the movie Vincent dies while Jules, its preumed, exits the death scene by spreading the word of God. I would like to think that's not true for real life.


Mothers are the scariest of any lot. Human or animal. The moment you leave them alone, they grab what they can for personal selfish causes- in the name of their child. if it is so difficult to manage child & urself, I say, stay @ home or et someone to manage for you.
and pls. don't give me nonsense about'compulsion'. I could believe it for one out of 10 cases, not all 10.
of course, the worst are other ppl who watch the(usuzally) ill behaved/ hyperactive child with an indulgent smile & sympathizer with the 'helpless', tired, poor hardworkin, courageous mom who is travelin with bzby.
even if that travel has led her into a gourmet restaurant 30mins later than the baby's food time, without suitable water fpr the child. You see, such z situation gives her amplified rights to crib, roan and shout at the hotel staff for not servicibg her hard enough, especially since they might have been remiss about the pain of carrying shopping bags and a baby. and not helped her with either.
same holds true for preg ant women who assume the world knows their sorrow, conceived due to bad contraception.

To secretaries & receptionists

I have, in my experience as a caller to people in companies, come across very many secretaries - some jolly, some cranky and some smart while others extremely dumb.
in my quest to connect with he desired person I have grown u big soft corner for the uninquisitive get-it-over-with varieties. these are the ladies who can't do enough to get rid of you in the most efficient method possible - connect you to the desired person. by the time one finishes pronouncin a name you can already hear the connecting ringtone or waiting music. and rather than answer you in the absence of the person, the phone gets redirected to their personal secretaries.
on the other end of the spectrum are those who ake their jobs very extremely seriously - the ladies who take it upon themselves to decide whether the caller is worthy of meeting their boss or not. Thanks to their limited understanding, they shield their bosses from nuisances as well as opportunities.

My Luggage

On my way to a short vacation, finally! Details of the trip will be posted post return.
As I look at my bags I think of the personality they have acquired over time. You can say they are battered, but that won't be true. They are travel worn. Aged with being handled over many cities, people, trains, planes, dropped, pulled. Still strong & sturdy, they bear their travel marks proudly, as their identity. The stickers which refuse to leave them make them unusual.
Like a boxer who has won many fights, and hopes to win many more, who bears his scars with pride.
And though Rincewind's might be smart, my luggage has their own personality.