August 4th, 2009

A years summary

A year older, maybe a little wiser and things dont seem to have changed much. Or maybe they have. Over the past year I have been the most jaded (and frustrated?) that I have ever been in my life, and I seriously hope that does not happen again. Maybe it will, but there is no harm at all in hoping it wont.

Meanwhile things seem to have not moved anywhere on any front at all. Which is a rarity. Or maybe they have - I got a new boss. And as sashdude says, he really is a BBH. And that has been a major cause of discontent. I hope things change soon. A change of this kind is never good, and a change of this kind, not tampered with, can develop a gangrene! ugh!

However, on the brighter side, this year I took a couple of good vacations. Goa for one, and Europe for another. Real progress. In fact, the latter was just a week ago and the glow of contentment from the vacation is yet to leave me. Its nice and yet it makes real, everyday life rather dreary. Makes one almost give everything up and become a Barista who roams around working in cafes all over the world. Ok, maybe not a Barista.
Also, I went home (to Calcutta) at least twice, and both my parents came over to visit me. So its definitely been a traveling year!

So here I am, stepping onto another year of my life, looking back at the two paras above and wondering if it was afterall all that bad. Things happening like travel and fun are much better than just a good boss. Though of course, when one spends 10-12 hours in office, a good boss helps!

I hope the coming year will be fun too, and not just in vacations, in office and all the other times in between as well! :) I promise to work towards that goal!