November 16th, 2009

The world and I

The Void and their Love

All the love in the world
that they had
All the affection
they could create

And all they created
was void

A living void
but not
a loving void

All they could buy
they gave
all they could fight for
they took

but all they decorated
was nothing

Nothing could make it look pretty
nothing enough to make it happy

And the void grew
between them
the void grew
Alone and apart
surrounded by love
it grew unloving

the nothing could not be touched by love
it knew love
it knew it from far

The void knew nothing else but love
Love was all it ever knew
Not to be loved
would be something new

and they gave
and they hoped
that the void would
not grow
that the nothing would
be something
with all their love, someday

They fed it
they clothed it
they loved it
and they nurtured it
and hoped
it would die

It grew by day
it grew by night
it grew by the love
it took for granted

their love grew
for the void
with the void
they grew old
the void didnt care
it still took their love
the everlasting love they gave it

And then one day
the void was old
enough to know
and to love
and then it knew love in itself

But it did not know
anything but love
everywhere it knew
the only thing was love

But love was around
love supported
it did not know
love inside

they saw him love
and they laughed
the void they clothed
and the void they fed
the same void
who never loved them back
that nothing
which which took and took
that nothing
was nothing but love