January 5th, 2010

Climb the Summit

Passing of Time and Indians

In India time is a fleeting concept. We all celebrate at least two 'new year beginnings' - one of the Georgian calendar and the other of our own state. Like for me the Bengali New year is in April. We celebrate that too pretty boistrously, though like another Indian festival, with sweets, food, new clothes and meeting frnds and relatives, and of course, the business community starting new account statements.
So making resolutions on 31st has never been big. Something that occurs twice a year cannot be special enough to prioritise new beginnings on. Every day is a good day to start something new. I tried a few times as a child, but it didnt make sense.
But then, 31st December is like the famous motichur laddoo. It is important because a few billion people think it is. You want to celebrate it, though you intrinsically know it doesnt make much sense in doing so. If you dont, then you have nothing to say the next day in office. If you do, you can talk but feel lame at the commonness of the party - just like any other day. No matter what, at work life, in school life and in day to day life, 1st January heralds a new beginning. Resolutions or not.

It has been another year.
A year marked by a lot of travel, meeting of freinds and some changes.
All in all, looking back I can probably say it was a good year, but then who is completely satisfied with time gone by? But overall, keeping the end results in mind it wasnt so bad afterall. Perhaps life too is like that - with everything sort of sorting itself out ... in the end.

I started the year with trepidation, thinking of all the trouble that the world I know and me in particular had gone through in 2008. And wishing that 2009 goes well, that things improve, that lives become better.
Sitting comfortably in the first week of January 2010, I can safely say yes, it went well. Most importantly, this year I learnt a lot.

I kick started a year with an intuition between three of us about it being probably the last time we will all be bachelors. And voila! Were we right or what?! Sashdude joined the ranks of married men around the world and began another phase of learning in life - a new PLC if you must. As did my brother.

As for me? It was travel all the way. With me finally getting my passport in Jan, Goa gave way to loftier goals. And I was on my way to a trip to Europe within 6 months. I will go there again, but I wonder if it will be the same again ever. The fun was the unplanned bit, staying in untested hotels, with a freind who shares similar tastes, yet is as new to the place as me.

It was a year, where incidentally every month had a visitor over at my place, or had me visinting some place. And lots of Calcutta.

In December 2008 I was wondering about the year and hoping that 2009 ends well for a new beginning.
My wishes seem answered. I have moved on from the troubles, from the forlorn feeling. A new job, a new life, a new lease to myself. It took 12 months, but in retrospect it is nothing but a blip in time. Things seem to be falling in place. It started off bleak, but a few trips to keep the mood positive can work wonders.

The bad phase, improvement of it and a good phase, is but a recuring phenomenon. The monks in some Buddhist Monastries make beautiful art using powder colour and wind pipes. Intricate, colourful, and never stopping. They call it life. They say it should never pause - the work should go on. And so they strive to complete it - to make it whole. Like a solved puzzle.
And then they destroy it. No work ever ends, they say. And so they start again. Entropy at play.
And so it is. What looks good will form a piece of a larger puzzle where this finished puzzle is just a piece.
Today things are calmer. Wants from things lesser. Not just for me but my near and dear ones. But it is just a phase, and we keep learning, living and improving.
2010 I hope will brings into perspective. it is an exciting year for many of us as we will see the fruits of what we sowed in 2008 and strove to maintain in 2009. It is a year I feel of work, which is never easy, but work we know. Work we are familiar with. A year of doing well. A year of not just trying, but succeeding. So that the next years bear the fruits of our work.

Indians indeed, do not have a rigid sense of time. Everything flows into the other. But we do slice it up occassionally. I have done it yet again using the Jan-Dec calendar, but I await everything flowing together seamlessly into my memory as more time passes me by.