February 6th, 2010

The world and I

Loosen Up

I wanted it bad
I was tense
I wanted it because
it would change my life

Or so I thought

I got something
It wasn't the best
But I got it

And then I got
What I wanted all along
Because I wasn't looking
Because I wasn't tense
I had loosened up

Some things happen
The way they are meant to be
But they don't happen
When we mean them to be

Because we look
So hard
that we forget
to take what we get

To enjoy the moment
to be smart enough
to understand
when we are getting
what we want


We chase
And we get
but then we get them too late

We settle for less
and suddenly
what we wanted
is there in front

Is that because
we didn't try too hard?
or simply because
we did

Fatalists say
things will happen
Voltaire said
they will - if we make them

To go with the flow
is the mantra of many
which flow?
ask the others

a series of choices
of wants and wishes
whoever said
Simple Living?

A goal in sight
no boundaries
A thought in mind
A will behind

Loosen Up
Your Choice
will find