April 8th, 2010


As the signal turns green an invisible rope is loosened and an army let
loose. Hesitant, yet eager. Anticipating the 'hero' amongst them to charge
forward. And soon there is one, leading the way rearing ahead.
Like a handful of pebbles thrown at a screen, where one pebble shoots ahead
of the rest and hits it first and some fall back

Sometimes traffic behaves like a herd of horses held by a reign, and
suddenly, there is a slack and they know not what to do. Some hesitantly
move ahead, and then another one suddenly bolts. Soon the rest realise that
they have the freedom to run and all go galloping away, while the ones stuck
at the back neigh and stomp, waiting for some room to move. Till they reach
the next red signal.

And yet traffic is nothing but a reflection of the men and women inside
those robotic vehicles, commanding their gears and accelerators. Sure, a
part of the response time will depend on the reflex of the vehicle, but a
large part also depends of the mind that controls. Why else would a 40 year
old Taxi manage to leap ahead of a Honda Civic? Or the cyclist ahead of the

The drivers are now amalgamated with their steeds, and the reigns governed
by an independent entity - the Law. The human mind, afterall is not as
unique and spiited as we would like to think. When compared with a herd of
horses, surprise and new circumstances can affect an equal reaction in a
mind - no matter the mind belongs to an animal or for that matter, to
a *thinking

(Yep! Ive been getting stuck at traffic signals a lot now, with loads of
traffic waiting to go)