June 26th, 2010

Watching waiting

Something New

It has been a long sojourn as summer came, blistered away the surface of the earth draining us of energy and will, with relentless heat and sapping energy and eventually brought cool relief in the way of monsoons.
Things change, lives change and so, sometimes do sceneries. I cant help but reminiscence about days spent looking idly from my office window at the tumultuous sea, and a half hidden Haji Ali at high tide. Today I barely have the time to look out the window to check if its raining when Im leaving office.
Life is never predictable. While a certain path may make us think of a certain conclusion, there almost always is an unexpected bend and we know not where it takes us. Sometimes off the cliff and sometimes on to a surprise road, in a different direction.
The last two months have been super hectic and super full of change. With mom here for some time, and other engagements, time flew till I didn't know when May ended, and almost so did June.
And still everyday brings on something new. It seems just yesterday that it was new moon and then as I look up again to the face a full moon, I remember how swiftly time passed. And yet, how some things remain the same. Just like months ago. Just like the unchanged, yet new, moon.