July 5th, 2010

Light Play

Violet and Red

It was just like they supposed
He was Violet and she Red
As different as two individual beams of light

One without the other
Polarising each other
Apart forever
Meant to be away
They kept their distance

They knew not what they wanted
Violet was content
In his seclusion
Far away from the rest
guarding the higher rays
and Red was happy
in hers

Violet chattered away at fast and high
Talking, trying hard to find
Higher wavelengths he would Love
Higher and higher
Beyond his scope
Beyond the human eye
And he would return forlorn
Alone and lonely
Every night

Red stayed
She loved her sunsets
And sun rises
She ruled so many hearts
Heavy and solemn
She crawled across the sky
Looking for a spark
Someone to give her company
In the long journey daily
Share her joys and
Hold her hand

Violet and Red were different
They were poles apart
Like Chalk and Cheese
People told them

And then the Rain fell
The clouds parted
The droplets hung in the sky
And Sun looked down
and smiled
The white light shone
And broke up
Into brilliant fragments

Violet and Red looked on in wonder
They held hands
And then they found
They were different
And yet they were the same
They were parts of the same
Beautiful Rainbow

They were opposites
But they completed each other
They had been looking
And all they had needed
Was to look at one another

It was one rainfall
One shine of light
One smile
One hand holding
To make them understand
Opposites are but one entity
Poles are but ends of the same
That one cant last without the other

That Violet and Red
Together form the Pot full of Gold
At the end of the Rainbow