March 4th, 2011

Watching waiting


I sit and stare at my computer screen
At the pile of papers and faces around me
All so close yet all so lost

And then I pick my self up
And walk away

Soon I am in a cold country
empty roads, green trees
Open blue sky above
Empty spaces
speeding away in a train
I go on

I walk to the city district
Tired faces surround me
But they smile
warm and curious
as I pass by

The subway beckons and I enter
the same people as can always be seen
Enter from offices which I walked away from
They stare
and then they smile

Smiling, i walk out
past an elaborate labyrinth of stairs
onto pavements selling books and portraits
looking, i walk past

To look up to old buildings
with medieval architecture
Older than the streets
still standing tall

Framed by modern cars and people
People young and yet so old
Carrying the weight of civilisation
Lightly and with joy

I climb a tower and look at the panorama
of rivers and bridges
and towers and sprawling gardens
against a backdrop of modern buildings
gleaming yellow in the setting sun

I wait till the sun sets slowly
and twinkling the lights come on
covering the city below me
in a blanket of stars

I feel the air
i feel the calm haste
a sense of purpose in the purposelessness
in the air and everywhere
I imbibe it

I come down
I return
back to where I had picked my Self from
Back to where I sat
next to impassive faces
in front of computer screens

I then dream
of working and living
in a city such as I saw
when I dreamt
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