May 18th, 2011


Lets play something nice. What do you want to listen to?
*Fiddles around with the switches* I want new music. I am bored of what I hear.
But you like what you listen to. Its your collection.
Yes, but Ive heard it too many times. I want something new.
So get it.
The music you want. Just get it - download it, copy it, buy it.
I dont know what music I want.
Then how will you get it?
I dont know! On the Net maybe? Thats why I want it, but dont have it.
Hmm. So how will you know what you want?
By surfing. Radio is hopeless.
OK... so why dont you find it. You want me to start the computer for you?
Not now.
OK...then. *pause* Till you get it, lets listen to what you have.

But then after a while familiar tunes make the mind ease and the tension dissipate.