DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

Wallpapers for me

After all that has been said and talked about of Leonardo Da Vinci (re: da vinci code), I still respect him thanks to his paintings and other innovations, just as I used to till the wotrld in general rediscovered him ;)
As is my habit, I usually look up the works of any painter or artis, and sometimes if i consider them nice or appropriate enough use them as my wallpaper (eg it was Van Gogh last time).
So today i looked up Da Vinci, and have removed a happy and sunny still life Sunflowers by Van Gogh (at long last).
Whereasd the previous mood was of happiness and brightness, oils giving depth and 'thickness' as well as age, today it is light, sensual - a young woman i her prime fo beauty each angle emphasised by nimble yet careful sketch lines, picutre being called 'head of Leda'.
Everytime I reduce all windows I cant help but admire the handiwork, so nimble, so accurate, yet so suggestive.
A stark difference from the heaviness yet brightness of oils, and of still life, this is light, young, alive. Whereas Van Gogh (different URL) gives an impression of details, this is as close to reality as a sketch can get.

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