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A few odd thoughts

The more we live the more complex our lives become. Whereas it should be that the more we live the more we realise the way of the world and other people, thus making life simpler.
To sound cliched - 'sad but true'
Even as i write this, my thoughts become more and more entwined and lead to new more complex ideas which in turn give a new perspective to everything (almost).
We learn as we live 'they' say. so we do. but to add up those pieces of learning to make a useful document is something that we dont do. For as (again) 'they' say "where is the time to add up, when you are busy surviving".
But then if we do add up everything, we will not be 'surviving' anymore will we?

Facing up
How many of us actually face up and like or want to see what we have done, from a neutral perspective, naturally. Constructive criticism is something that has been constructively criticised for ages. Yet, we like to do it. the problem lies at the receiving end. If only we undertood it ourselves without having being told by someone else. the need for a personal Cassandra was never this required!
and how many times do we find ourselves 'preparing' for bad news, but ready with open arms for any bit of goofd news, better if it is a surprise! Why? Because we dont want to 'face up' to ourselves. Bad news is something that is basically the part of our lives which we dont want to face. It is something harsh. It is the so called darker side of life. It is the portion which makes good news good news. yet, it is something we have a problem with. It is what we avoid.
Yet, it is what we eventually have to fae. the more you run away from things, the more they hound you. the moment you dface them suddenly you realise they are not so bad afterall. in fact itmay be something you might laugh about, or remember with fondness in a few years, if not months.
what am i trying to say? nothing. It is just the perception that Ive had, that I have seen in people around me.and somethign that again adds to my prvious topic - simplify. If we learnt, we would simplify most things, and then things wont be so bad.

Istead of then relying no your past experience and your self, your greatest asset - your head, we try to rely on someone else. we make someone the focal point, and 'dump' (strong word) our thoughts emotions and other things on that person, waiting for their resposnes. Waiting for someone to lead your life for you on lease, without responsibility.
Beause we dont want to take the responsibility.

It is tough to live - 'they' say.
'Then how come you are alive?'
'I am surviving'
And what exactly is the difference? Living does not mean joy. because what is joy without sorrow (sic)?
but I will agree. For they are living leased lives. No Im not talking of the people who seek advice btu act on their own descretion, for afterall we live in a society and to take th eopinions of people around is is not only logical, to an extent it is important. For it provides you with a 3rd person perspective.
I am talking of those people who want 'advice' from someone they consider 'all', and act on it. Mostly, almost blindly. It is not tough to live, if only you learn and remember what you have done in the past. you take responsibility in thepast and apply those actions to present circumstances.

Circumstances change, but they change as per your previous actions. So, nothing technmically is new. Only the outer veneer has changed. So where you have taken responsiblity previously, you do the same this time, keeping in mind the small (or larger) differences. Isnt this also 'simplifying' life?

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