DippyBlogs (dippyblogs) wrote,

shifting and moving

Gloomy weather? suppose so. I was pretty gloomy in past. more specifically early this week and late last week. reason? well, one can always blame everything on PMS i suppose, but excuses are to be used only when required. blamed it for some time on this book i was reading. 'last song of dusk' (decidedly sad)..but then had to face it.
flatmate leaving for another job. another town. closer to her parents, farther from  here. 1 yr short acquaintance, ages old familiarity. her move to better brand. me sticking it out here for better profile. we had cursed this town together, she moves away. took me some time to come to terms with the fact that such a move would not be advisable for me. initial feeling of let down/staying behind while world moves on...the fear. but then common sense prevails (thank gods for that!) and initial bitterness overcome with warm feeling of happiness for a person who unlike me was not happy here. a person who was not getting her worth here.
have another flatmate left...another familiar face. perhaps the fear was looking at the future where i might be the only one remaining?
Never mind now, today is the last day in office for flat mate, companion. a farewell dinner, and the last weekend. Time goes on. we will be in infrequent touch i know, maye not even that. but one can never tell the future. the world is small. music keeps it going, and so does work.
leaving is a known devil, but a devil nevertheless. when we met each other we knew we would leave. that we were just together at the same time. did not think well get close. felt bad when the news came. tried to hide from it. Glad to say the feeling has desisted. faced it, and it is not bad anymmore. physical loss of a frnd. but then, i have seen many in my life now :). thus rest of the week was paeceful enough. next week is another story. (flatmate wont be there)
monsoons-a tumultous time.
Hey! this blog sounds like im crying..and the fact is, im pretty normal and happy. was a lil sad last week, but now am fine! just wanted to take note of how i felt last week. 1st job and also the first time a flat mate is leaving (before me). So thought better make a note of it. :) work was never too interesting either way ;) will wait till i get an exciting offer. hopefully a'bad will be more interesting by then ;)

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