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What age would you like to be?

For some days now, I feel like being the nice ripe age of an odd 50 yr old. Or something thereabouts. Old enough to have little greying hair, few wrinkles, around my eyes and lips...yes, around 55 would be perfect!
Professionally, I hope to be pretty stabilised by then, working and in a post where I know what’s coming next in my career. Personally, life should be kind of stable...children if and when any, should be more or less comfortably old and independent.
Flexible enough to have enough fun - I know ill always manage to have fun if I have my way...the type may differ from now.
Yes, I like the age of 55.
So, what age would you like to be? Ill await the answers.

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18th Apr, 2005 13:19 (UTC)
I see myself as a crabby retired guy with half a dozen cats for company in my mountainside retreat...
20th Apr, 2005 00:34 (UTC)
Go back in time where I can catch upto the innocence that is long gone.... be able to look up at the sky and smile with fervor at the prospect of a nice game of football with pals.... be able to run back from playground in the evening so as not to miss the 19th episode of Johnny Socko and flying robot !!!!
21st Apr, 2005 11:27 (UTC)
interesting thot..
For me..its all very relative... and it varies with my mood....
These days...i feel like being 18... which is just the beginning of ur life in a way. Actually, I am combining ur funda with Physics... (time travel, etc.). I want to be 18 because I would want to take a lot of decisions in a different way... :)
But yes...quite a few times I have wanted to be 75...and c what my grandchildren are like....
And sometimes 45 (which is closer to ur age jm)....and enjoy the pleasures of being 45 ;)

Meghna (your flatmate)
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