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Occupational Hazards?

Hindu Business Line, Mumbai, 19.04.05

And we talk about 'Germinal' by Zola? What he wrote about the coal mine workers of yesteryears in Frane may well not be history, infact might never be history.

As long as there aer people who use stone sand gems, and fuel, there will be manual labour working on it at their health risks..for paltry sums.

Who is to blame? The employers, the employees, the use of such materials, low industrialisation? Truth is, there is no one yuo can point yuor finger to. there is a demand on bnoth sides - for money on one end and for the final product o the other.
We hope that today the people have a little more choices and are a little better off than the coal mine workers, but one never knows whether that is a fools paradise.
and the cycles continue...


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