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Spiderman and Bengali-Bangaal rather

surprising how as time passes, we come to love our mothertongues more, especially when we are awaay from homw. a stupid rhyme, made in jest by a vella person, meaningless summary of the movie, liked by me enough (especially in my present mood of not wanting to work) to post.
so, ladies and gentlemen, let the drums roll and the violins play...let the masked hero make a comeback...but in the essentially ethnic tones of Bangaal (not bengali - it was not bad enough in bengali)!
ting ting ting ting...

 spiderman spiderman  
 dori dhoira jhuilo kyan   (y do u hang from ropes)
 poira gele bhangbe thyang   (if u fall ul break a leg)
 spiderman spiderman.

 spiderman spiderman  
 octopus er 8 ta thyang,   (the octopus has 8 legs)
 tomare dhorte aase kyan,   (y does he come to catch u)
 spiderman, spiderman.

 spiderman spiderman  
 biya korte dorao kyan   (y do u run from marriage)
 Mary Jane je tomar jaan   (when MJ is the one u love)
 spiderman spiderman.

 spiderman spiderman  
 mukhos feilya palao kyan   (y flee without ur mask)
 dont be coward, be a man,   (that should be simple to understand?)
 spiderman spiderman.

 tumi na thakle spiderman   (if u wernt here spiderman)
 mon-ta kore aan-chaan,   (my heart goes haywire with fear)
 duniyar joto polapan   (all the worlds spineless beings)
 tomare je chaay spiderman. (want u here spiderman)

 abar tumi aaila fire   (again u return)
 New York City r ghore ghore   (in NYC in every gulley)
 box-office re korle maat   (yet again u beat the box office)
 spiderman jindabaad..!! (3 cheers to u Spiderman)

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26th Aug, 2004 09:40 (UTC)
Good stuff..
You should have called him Spidermoshai in that case! :)
Or to sound authentic, what then-Makdee Moshai? Whatever the bong word for spider is..
I've stuck my photo along with this reply-if you're still scratching ur head, scratch no more-it is me (or is it it is I?) Raja from I'm I.

Like your writing style.
29th Aug, 2004 23:48 (UTC)
Re: Good stuff..
Hey there Raja, 'course I remember u (and FYI-my fingers are away from my head. dandruff has not yet struck). Thanks for the accolades, tho i must confess, unlike what sash said (if he did), this is not my invention, but an improvement on a forward.
besides a spider in bong is "makorsha" a lil long u must agree. and really! u must not expect me to change the poor man's (proprietery)name now do you?!
and...is this the snap taken by our trusted self important I'm I-ians for the placement brochure?

u got some pretty good blogs.
31st Aug, 2004 03:44 (UTC)
Re: Good stuff..
Thanks for the accolades..yeah, that's my placement pic. I'd give you a fright if I'd put the other one I use normally :)
You might find it on my blog
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