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Life goes on, in possible uncertainty.Why? Read forward.
Last week seems foggy, riddled in obscure patches. I went down with fever and cold, severely by saturday evening, and before I knew what was happenin, i was bed ridden for Sunday, and came home after half day at work on Monday. Tuesday wednesday passed in a haze, and finally after M sat on my concience for 2 days, took leave on Thursday. Friday was energetic, and then came the weekend. This time it was the 2 day weekend! Yippee! Monday never seemed so un-bad (if u get what i mean?) ;)
Meanwhile M got an offer from a company, and is yet to finally freeze on her decision.
My uncle came to town yesterday, and have been with him when possible....and somehow, after being interrupted while writing, I suddenly realise there is not much to say!
Past few days haev been quite uneventful...except me watching Matilda (hee hee - fun) and Teesri Manzil (loong, funny!) at home on a TV set left to us by someone gone on a holiday, and spending 5 hrs in a colleagues house instead of the expected 1 hr...so interesting was the chat.
And so I await the coming few days, and see what they have in store for me, i a definitely better, and mellower mood than the past few days.
Oh! Uncle brought stuff from home - 3 pairs of clothes!!!! I mean...I dint need any! well! and, they are oversized. Stupid tailor seems to have got my measurement mixed with some oversized elephant! Another headache now. will have to get them altered. So much for no headache clothes delivery ;) But then, who am I to crib ;) :d
eyah, am definitly in the wrong frame ot write something. So toodley doo for the moment! Cya in some time!


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