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Reading Habits

I loev reading, and somehow Ive never really blogged about books or how many I have, have read or such things, except the irresistible passing mention in ablog/comment. Now, as I read the blog of dirxasaurus_rexdirxasaurus_rex I think it is time I did so, and also berak my long silence. There are 4 questions, and 1 mandate. At the moment I wonder if Ill write more than the 4 questions, but then, it will be an eye opener. The questions:
1. No of books owned
2. Last book you bought
3. Last book you read
4. 5 books that mean a lot to you (not favourites)

Now for my inputs...Here goes World!

1. How many books do I own. Tough. This si personal ownership. Books that have my name written on page 1. Books that I have bought. Books that have not been given to me by my mother/father/grandfathers/anybody. Of course, it includes books I got as a gift sometime. Having said all that, I still have no idea!
80% of my books are there in Calcutta, at home with my parents. These are books bought before and (some) during the last 4 yrs. It is too bulky to carry them around with me as I move from city to city, college to job and so on. But invariably by the time it is time to leave a city, I have an almost impractical collection of book swhich I dont know how to move...and then manage to dump them in Cal! Right now I have around 30 lying at my place. An easy guess would be 200 at home. And then there are books I take from my grandpas library, which he gives me. that would be another 50+, easily. and all these are conservative estimates.
Apart from that, i read a lot. from libraries, friends etc. And...I try to buy a book a month (average).
2. Last book I bought. Last one I bought was in March...actually 6 of them in one go (thats why Im going easy this month)...and acquired some more from my grandad. Also, bought 3 for my mom. This is of course discounting any eBook that I have with me thanks to efforts of SashdudeSashdudee and RexzillaRexzilla. And yeah, I usually buy a book at a time, max 2, but then I was in Cal, and College Street with its innumeabe book vendors and shops like Landmark and Oxford drive me crazy.
3. Last book I read. Hichikers guide...finished it last night-yeah had not read it till date. Somehow dint manage to. Still reading: Irrationality, Human Body (Asimov), Re-Imagine(Tom Peters), The Fall (Camus), Red Dwarf...yes, all at once. Did I mentioned Meditations -Marcus Aurelius?
4. 5 GREATEST books for me. This is a real real real tough one. U can guess!! Ill vouch for authors rather than books: Camus, Enid Blyton (yes u read right-my childhood companion), Candide (Voltaire), Emile Zola, and Im sure there are a lot, which one should fit in...tough guesswhich one though! So Ill leave place 5 empty as of now.

And now, who should reply? I demand that Sashdudesashdude, rexzillaRexzilla, RexjournalRexjournal and AtanarjuatAtanarjuat do...or at least try to. Please? Pretty please? M...u may reply, and Ill post it here if you want (considering ur lack of access in office hrs)...and anybody else who likes books...i think ill extend it out of LJ to other book lovers. ApachepunkApachepunk also welcome ;)
Oh...and you scientist now in Bangalore from Bombay, join in if youre reading this! Yes, I mean you RM.

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20th May, 2005 13:20 (UTC)
D made me think!!!
Its actually surprising that u never had a dedicated blog for "Books"..i think its something u r passionate abt...
I dont know whether to comment on ur answers...or whether to ans...both seem intersting options!!
No. of Books owned: I know u love owning books... one of the first comments u had made after recieving ur first pay was "I'll buy one book every month"...and I had been happy thinking that "I'll know where to get books from" hehe!! But ...:((... u buy books whose titles / authors i cant pronounce... !!
As far as I am concerned, I dont really buy books...I have always borrowed them...from friends, family, library...
Last Book bought: I have lost complete track of what YOU buy... (reason mentioned above)...though I keep hoping that u'll buy something I can read as well :|
I dont buy books...though the last one i bought was "To Sir, With Love" as a gift for my brother
Last Book Read: For me - "Five Point Someone" (it was urs).
5 Greatest Books for me: Thats tuff..because as V used to say how can I love Sidney Sheldon and "Last Song of Dusk" at the same time? But I would still go for Enid Blyton, John Grisham & J.Archer anytime...over authors whose names I cant pronounce :) ;)
Otherwise..I remember liking "The Goal" when I was in College. And the very old Palmistry book which was bought for Re 1/- by my uncle sometime in the 1960s.... ... I guess I shouldnt leave out my Mom's needlework books I still love!! :) ..and yes.."Alchemist"...
Its a tuff question!! %#%$@ !! I have had to think so much and still i cant rem much...4 is a decent score.!!!

Anyways, Thanks!! for making me think..:) Its better than thinking abt work!!!

-M (Flat mate of Dippyblogs)
21st May, 2005 02:41 (UTC)
good blog
dashed good i would say what!..Of course i had blogged earlier about books etc, but not exactly in these terms. I remember reading from the time i was a slip of a child. Now for some stats..
1. No of books owned - hardbound/paperback - 300+(not including comics etc and the big box of Indrajal comics!) ebooks-(about 400 at last count).. I m not adding my dad's collection, we have a library room with about 10 rows(4feet by 2 feet by 4feet) of books..
2. Last book(s) bought - Amulet of Samarkand-Jonathan Stroud, Made in America - Sam Walton, Attack and Interceptor JEts - A compendium, Artemis Fowl and the Arctic Incident., .
3. Last book(s) read - In addition to the ones bought..Nevil Shute a Town like alice, Captain Louis Debernieres-Correlli's Mandolin, Christopher Paolinini Eragon,NOW READING... Sebastian Faulks-Bird Song, Joseph Conrad - Heart of Darkness, IDEATE. Never Let Me Go-Kazuo Ishiguro(starting)..The Mckinsey Way.
phew do i read or what.. in fact it would not be out of place to state a fact known to my friends and practised by I and them which is that we all can multitask, that is work on the comp at office, listen to songs, talk on the phone, surf websites(obscure ones),chat on two messengers,and still be able to read between two to three Ebooks all at the same time!!!.
4. 5 books that mean a lot to you (not favourites)
well thats easy enough or is it?
let me see..
1. Lord Of The Rings - J R R Tolkien. Sigh!.. what can i say. this book means so much that my associations vary based on whether my friend has read this book or re read this many a time. It is possibly a kind of meter as to the acceptibility one would find with myself. People who have seen the movies are fine...
2. Treasure Island - I can smell the sea everytime i pick up this book, for sheer adventure and memories of childhood, nothing beats this book, i can actually feel waves lap at my feet and hear Long John Silver and his pirates...
3. Biggles series by captain W E Johns, brilliant creation with the backdrop of War, WWI and WWII. Sopwith Pup and Camel, Spitfires, SE6s, the aircrafts of yore blaze through the war torn skies of my mind as i recall with awe, my introduction to adventure amidst angst, and yes my first introduction to romance..
4. The Da Vinci Code.. EH? WHAT HOW ??? No No thats not what i meant, thats the book that half the junta who hasnt picked up a book all their useless life want to read, why will i put it at 4? , maybe bcoz this is not a favorites list. Well, for sheer bull and ability to mesmerise people with absolutely no content, i remember this book.
5. The Agony and The Ecstasy Irving Wallace - Michalengelo, Florence, Sistine Chapel...Sigh!, makes one yearn to go see the beauty that is Italy...
there are a 6 7 and a 100, and they include the likes of Wodehouse, Hitch Hiker's Guide, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Rushdie, and a host of others, but thats another blog...
21st May, 2005 04:36 (UTC)
Re: good blog
Thats a great blog...I can hear the glee in your voice as you show off, u show off ;)
Yep, Wodehouse and Irving Wallace are books that i love, but yeah, maybe wodehouse will be able to be one of the culprits to shape my taste of humour. By the way, did I mention 'Three men in a boat' by Jerome K Jerome (such memories! and such fun!) and the Yes Minister series?
22nd May, 2005 21:23 (UTC)
Books et al
Books will always enthrall an individual; since the emotions and temperament written in words cannot be mimicked even by the best actors.....

As far as your 4 little Questions are concerned......
1. How many books do I own: I have never really counted the number of books that I own. Though the number may not been in several hundreds; but they are enough to give company to my soul. :-)

2. Last book I bought: I bought four books the last time I went to a bookstore. I just couldn't control myself though the amount crossed the number of dollars I really wanted to spend :-(. But no problemo... I don't think I regret such extravagance !! The books that I got from Barnes & Noble are ... a) "Intelligence in War" by John Keegan, b) "Gestapo Instrument of Tyranny" by Edward Crankshaw, c) "Attila King of the Huns" by Patrick Howarth and d) "The most Evil Dictators in History" by Shelley Klein.

3. Last book I read: "Hiroshima" by John Hersey. It's a book that depicts the day of the bombing through the eyes of the survivors.

4. 5 GREATEST books for me: Hmmm.... that's a tough one. Coz I love most of the books I read. So it'll be cruel to differentiate one from another ;-).

I have seen very few people who are willing to say that a movie is better than the book. The flavor that you can get by just leafing through the pages will never be duplicated by any pictorial depiction !!! At least, amar tai mone hoy !!!!
23rd May, 2005 04:25 (UTC)
Re: Books et al
Hear! Hear! I too agree that a book depicts a scenario much better than a movie can, because it is something imagined by you in details which probably a movie can never match. you are the character when in a book, but you are seeeing only a face when u are in a movie.
So to sum up, amaro tai mone hoye...boi-er moto jinish nei.
and...ebooks dont come up to scratch compared to nice bound pages which you can flip over at random. ki bolo?
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