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Our Obsession with ONE

The human mind cannot take too much. Too much data, too much information. It is programmed perhaps (socially), but basically, as far as Ive seen, it is difficult for it to manage with more than ONE.

That is the way of Nature too, for humans...I will not extrapolate for other living beings.

One Mother, One Father (dont laugh, serious...look at plants!)
One Spouse
One Body

Even if we do "multitask" it is only ONE thing that we actually do at a time. There is ONE window open at a time and it may be some time before you realise that the song is not to your taste. If you are concentrating, it may be tough to do that at all...at least for a few minutes. Things go into the subconcious. But the concious takes only ONE data at a time.

We want ONE of everything in the least. In fact, if we have more than one, do we like it? It gets boring.

We may have 2 hands, but then both of them do ONE job at a time...for most normal ppl.
2 legs, but one direction in which we can move at one time. Try doing something different with both at the same time.
And same for other bodily functions.

We all try and believe in ONE god, ONE religion. we think thats the best way.

We want ONE world. with same rules, same standards of living (not personal, but look at TRIPS, GATT, WHO, etc etc)

On a Macro level
We somehow believe in ONE universe. Perhaps thinking of 2/3 universes becaomes a little too much to imagine for out small minds not yet exposed to even the full extent of the present universe. Yet...

I am not saying that there arent things that we dont do more than ONE of...there are 7 basic notes. There are 3 Primary colours. But then, somehow there is only ONE of us to notice.
Everything is a multiple of one.
And we try to break down everything to one.

Yes, we may try to develop multiples of some things, but then we remain loyal to ONE. you may have 3 blog IDs, but you will be loyal to one of them. Else your articles will overlap...which makes them ONE article. Same goes for emails.

Then our curiosity. It does not suffice or satisfy anyone that you can probably like 2 things equally. questions from chilhood slam books to adult hood registration details "what is your favourite xyz". Your ONE wish. Your FAVOURITE actor. Your favourite colour. and the list goes on. OK as we grow we try to make it 'best3' or 'best5'...but still, u ask for the ONE thing...unconciously. "What is the one thing about me that drives you crazy" for example. why ONE?

What is it with ONE that intrigues us to much?
Ok...you may say that same goes for other numbers. But there is something about the number ONE that permeates our daily lives, in everything, the way we think, we prioritise, we work.
We are all sticklers for any ONE thing.


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