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Bosses or work

How your bosses rule your life. Ok maybe, my life. Bbut you sure it does nto include yours?
How? heres how.
Boss gives a positive comment in the morning. how does your day at work go? Good im sure.
Yuo get a stinker, or a slightly negative comment, or even a neutral one, well. the day is gone!You think about it and it brings down your enthu for the day, till you make it a point to make it above that
THen there are the days when a single sentence from your boss can brighten up your day like nothig else. Suddenly the world is a beautiful place and nothing can be too difficult an assignement.
Does that guy/woman sitting there even realise this power that they ahve over the person who is reporting to them? In most cases, very slightly, in fact I dont think they know how it can really effecta person...in the morning.
Later in the day also causes distress/joy, but the influence is not as high.

Something that you would probably like to keep in mind when you have a dedicated team worker who likes n respects you.

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30th May, 2005 09:59 (UTC)
A chirpy good morning, and a small gesture of appreciation first thing in the morning has me/the other person all fired up and raring to go.
we ought to realize the power that is bestowed by the seat as well as by what is said. more often than not we are so reluctant to praise somebody, that we end up determining the day's fallout in advance. Why in office alone, the first ten to fifteen minutes in a day more or less determine one's mood for the rest of it.
31st May, 2005 09:48 (UTC)
Now thats interesting... because i never thought of it even though my moods are ruled by my boss...(may be life too... if i let him).
It also depends on your reporting relationship.. your moods depend more on who has more influence on your work life in that particular orhganization. You boss might be .X, but if u think that s/he cant influence your raise / promotion, you dont care (atleast i dont!!)..and if his/her boss Y can... any comment from him / her (positive or negative) can have a lot of control on your mood swings..
And yes... my team member just told me that I influence her moods... need to be careful now :)
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