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Bosses or work

How your bosses rule your life. Ok maybe, my life. Bbut you sure it does nto include yours?
How? heres how.
Boss gives a positive comment in the morning. how does your day at work go? Good im sure.
Yuo get a stinker, or a slightly negative comment, or even a neutral one, well. the day is gone!You think about it and it brings down your enthu for the day, till you make it a point to make it above that
THen there are the days when a single sentence from your boss can brighten up your day like nothig else. Suddenly the world is a beautiful place and nothing can be too difficult an assignement.
Does that guy/woman sitting there even realise this power that they ahve over the person who is reporting to them? In most cases, very slightly, in fact I dont think they know how it can really effecta person...in the morning.
Later in the day also causes distress/joy, but the influence is not as high.

Something that you would probably like to keep in mind when you have a dedicated team worker who likes n respects you.

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