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How the weather left Amdavadis...

...High, but then Ahmedabad Dry.

Awesome weather after the relentless heat of the summers, Saturday was a pleasant surprise with clouds overhead, gusty wind, purple sky with no hint of the sun, a light srizzle to keep the dust down... in hsort, it was wonderful!
Just the respite that the heat stricken city of AHmedabad needed. Every terrace was occupied as people revelled int he weather. The possibility of rain hung over our heads and in apprehension - positive and fearsome we stared at the sky. Let it rain, let not the clouds fly by.
Some pragmatists said "the mango orchards will get spoilt" to which some others said "to hell with it! theres a surplus this year in other parts of India"...for after all., a little rain never did anybody any harm.
To me, it was the weather to skip, hop and jump...the impeding rain, the turbulent winds...it was almost strong enough to blow one off the terrace :) nothing seemed god enough to do. My initial plans of watching a movie I cancelled. It did not seem justifiable to be cooped up in an air conditioned theater whith such glorious weather outside.
At last after 3 hours on the terrace, and making zillions of implausibe plans, M made her appearance. and...we went out for dinner. Sigh. How I missed a pub/disc...open amphitheatered place. But then the usual Abad weather (&govt) does not allow them!
By the end of the day (read 3am) it was back to the usual...hot, windless, ...

Ahmedabad hoped, ahmedabad got drunk on the weather, and then...it was liek it never happened. And not more than 1 drop of rain.
Yes, Ahmedabad for me remained very much dry.

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30th May, 2005 10:05 (UTC)
Tis Drizzling now!.. :)
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