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Lack of men in the world u say?

Contrary to public belief, I think there are a number of great smart guys out there.

I mean all you have to do is read the right articles on the net, and hear the right things from ppl.
Only problem is, Out There is not Here. and they never get to meet me. Poor guys make do with some women.

Else, there is a profusion of great smart women, which somehow suppress the actual no of great smart guys...who are Out There.

Then of course, there is this angle of: Great smart guys are great smart guys as long as u don’t get to know them.
I agree with this one. Totally. Never get to know someone you have the slightest crush/admiration for too well. Believe me. Unless its a girl.

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31st May, 2005 19:49 (UTC)
Agreed !!!
Greatness of a person lies in the sense of mystery that he/she instills in others. So a great, smart peron ceases to be one when you get to know him/her better. The mystery disappears and the real human emerges with all his/her mundane ugliness......
But your little excerpt focuses on a particular sex. Hmmmm.... I think it is true in general... without being partial to any specific gender.

And if your crush is stopping to be great and smart, then I suggest you ought to start afresh .... watsay????
1st Jun, 2005 04:30 (UTC)
Re: Agreed !!!
erm...twas just a passing thought and a jibe on MEN.
No crushes here alas! if only Gujarat managed to churn out Great Smart Men, enough infact that I could meet them (often enough?) or... actually be aware their existence!! *sigh* It is not to be!
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