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Of websites and access

Like most compaies nowadays, our company too has a firewall. I suport it. I dont particularly want my neighbour to surf porn.
However, there are irregularities which leave me puzzled.

Yesterday I was asked by someone froma company trying to sell their information to access their site, and log in using a dummy id. I was willing to sample the product and follwed his instructinos over phone...him sitting in Uk, and me here. After a week we had decided on the date. and then, on clicking on the "sign in", i found the charming web page of IE whering i was told in no uncertain terms that i was "Access Denied" in bold, no less, with a word of advice or two.
Confusion and ager ensued, with me asking him to extend my trial time etc. and the poor guy at the other end also checked up with his own IT labouring under the innocent feeling that "it has something to do with cookies, of which I dont know too much about Im sorry".

Shouting at my IT didnt help. I mean, what can possibly be more innocous, or rather, scholarly sounding than a url which has temr like "market" and "analysis" in it? The company should be happy I visit such sites. Im reading market analyses. Definitely better than "livejournal", "yahoo" and some others...not to forget "gmail".

Today as I followed up on it, Im told by a senior IT guy after puzzlement of 2 mins that he will rectify the problem. On probing further that what actually could be the problem source word., I was told the same. I could not help but laughing. Any guesses? Well, ... cut out the "ysis" from Analysis. Poor thing (I mean poor word). I dont think all those consultants doing all those analyses all their lives have any idea of the havok they wreak on the cyberworld!

Take away: Like Sashdude mentioned, a companies website got blocked because it had "association" on it. If analysis can be blocked... be very careful of what your URL states!

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