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Moi days

Yesterday I was informed by a dear frnd that she will be coming over sometime this month. She is most welcome to, said I. :d and ofcourse was jumping in joy at the thought.
so, this month:
Frnd: Next week
Sashdude: 17th
Shobhu: 19th
Am I thrilled or what!
To add to it, Boss: end of month.
My appraisal letter has not yet come, and now Il know my performance only at the end of the month. And the whole company (almost) has got their letters! well! So u can guess why I want my boss to be here :D
And then Sashdude sent me a number of songs, all in GmailFS...something new which has left me thriilled. And what thrilled me to bits was the awesome software which saves me the trouble to look for lyrics of songs...:) hee hee delighted woman I am:)
Evening I had heart-to-heart talks of irrelevant and important topics with this woman ni workplace, and then with a new joinee. Bonding. Big Time. Then i took him out. He was bored n wanted to talk. So i said what u doin. and he was planning to go eat an ice cream or something. poor guy! Took him to a nice place where he could gorge on pastries and women. the poor guy was starved ;) and then he left happy.

M joins me at HO again, and we left together for the same destination again after ages.
New batch of Management trainees join and again we spent some time introducing ourselves n doing time pass ;)
Then the MDs PA told me to collect my "treat" for his birthday, which was yesterday. I had wished him.
Post lunch got 2 (yes TWO) sweets - large ones- fro 2 guys who got a wonderful promotion and increase.
Then we celebrated the bday of one of the ppl on the floor with sweets, food and pepsi. *yum* but i was already full with the 2 sweets.
And then I get a call from the MDs office.Wondering whats up, i remembered. IT was the PAs bday treat which i had clean forgotten to collect. So I rushed up...there lay a HUGE ice cream lying for me... and (yes Im boasting) this fellow has 'treated' only select few ppl through the company :)
Am back...and delighted! ;)
And now, I remember that I have a dinner with the same guy who (perforce) had to pay for my lunch on sunday.
Now aint this a Foody day!!
And if the stars go right, Ill be getting a new phone connections also today.:) I have decieded enough is enough. I am going to get a Reliance to make phone calls with. Ill keep my present one so ppl can call me here. Rel is gonna be for some ppl. makes sense I decided at last!


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1st Jun, 2005 20:26 (UTC)
so thats the secret!
and there i was being an absolute fathead, should have guessed from the oblique references to cells and bills that the ambanis are coming to the party. Honestly i have been toying with the same idea for a while now, maybe once this travel mayhem is over i might.....as u said makes sense...
2nd Jun, 2005 04:34 (UTC)
Re: so thats the secret!
Yes! That is THE 'secret' which you so readily exaggerated ;) and which I was going to tell you tonight. Well, never mind, you came to know on 2nd June eitherway! ;)
and And AND....Im getting the handset tonight!! Yippeee!!!
2nd Jun, 2005 14:50 (UTC)
Life mein Excitement!!
Haan haan .... as we always say "teri life mein excitement hai" :);)
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