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There are ppl I know who dont want to smoke. YEt do so because they once did. And their office colleagues know that. And when the office colleague wants to go smoke, they accompany and end up having "another one"... usually called "the last one". And it never is.
I know some ppl who want to get out of the habit and look for encouragement outside...apart from family. And in these cases, it not unusual that I have been looked at indirectly to give support to their 'noble' cause. Well, I have found myself strangely dipassionate about it. Not even dispassionate. Totally uncaring. Could not care less. Unable to emote positively, negatively or even be as dispassionate as I am.

Guess trying to make my father quit and not having any success has taught me that smoking is something that is totally independant and person-dependant. If you want to quit. Yuo will. Meanwhile you will try to play games (as in 'Games people Play'-Eric Berne) and appease your guilt. Perhaps thats what plays in my subconcious and Im indifferent.

But there are some "(d)evils" that are to be combated personally.

PS- Wish someone refilled my bottle of water...even better if that were beer!

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