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My Body and the environment

Allergy. What is allergy. Allergy UK defines it rather elaborately and succintly. I agree. It is an inconvinince, and in my case, more noticeable to others than to me.

Allergy is a situation where your body immune system responds rather a little to mcuh, and looks suspiciously at things which dont cause harm. Maybe sometime in the past, historically they did. But my genes refuse to understand that. They continue to warn me. I totally empathise with my dear ol WBCs and all. But soldiers, sometimes the Queen and King need to be alone, and be allowed to identify the enemy.

I mean, dust is bad. granted. But that does not mean my skin become dry and puff up and basically react violently to it! Not to sand mind you. Deserts are acceptable as far as my immune system is concerned. But dust - a distinct no-no. And then there is this thing of low exposure. as long as my lifestyle entailed lots of sun, my skin had absolutely no problems with it. But now that I sit in office almost all day, a little over-exposure and Boom! im back with dry spots...

Moisture! Never thought dryness could make such an impact. Too much humidity, no harm. Low humidity and my skin says - look Dips, enough is enough. BEtter get to a humid weather soon! What about my personal comfort level? What if I dont like to sweat! What if I prefer A/Cs to coolers? Get a humidifier says my skin! Damn you!

Are these cultivated things? At least for some I can say that low exposure over a peroid of time wil help. Consider dust and sun. Humidity...i dont know! And the worst part is, the effect is on my face and forearms, where as far as Im concerned, it does not amtter. but to the person seeing me. Well, they become concerned!

Not that im suffering at this time...but it has become part of my life in ahmedabad considering the high pollution level and harsh sun and low humidity. the only thing docs suggest is antiallergens.

What reminded me of it to blog about it? Well, I was looking at pharma articles when i came across this...hypnosis for curing allergy. Interesting.

Thus, allergy is in most cases a lifestyle enhanced (not created mind you) inconvinience which can effect your daily life. And that...is pretty bad.

PS- sashdude will agree I think. and have loads to add
PPS- Yes, I do have other allergies which are much moer irritating which others cant note. Still.
PPS- How many of our generation are untouched? Something scientists/environmentalists need to look into?

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