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my Weekend & my frenzy

before it gets too late now. I better write about what most of my freinds already know of I guess.
Well, saturday I was choc-a-bloc. I was supposed ot meet this frnd, then another called (who i cancelled) and then M was also enthu. then, one by one all got cancelled, and even I didnt suddenly feel like going out. So ehre I was on my way to a bookstore to check out a book mentioned that day by Rexzilla... when one of the many of my office ppl met me, and offered to drop me. Well, I was planning to walk back, but after some time agreed, and to my & his surprise found ourselves chatting up in front of the shop for 30 mins. thats when I decided we should move into a coffee shop nearby...only to find it closed. the bookshop was out of question then. So we chatted up in a place called "mint" and had an innovative lemonade - with chillies in it...and "secret ingredient"(that was ginger i think). Had an illuminating talk about my company!
Went to a grocery store and picked up lots of stuff...i mean lots. and not the usual Indian fare. Picked up pasta, noodles, sauces, mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, gherkins, olives...name it! I had decided to have breakfast, and a different dinner once in a while.
Looked for mushrooms, but there were only the tinned variety. The fridge was going to be stocked for the first time ever.
Went home, and found the fridge in a very sad state. totalyl disorganised and dirty. SO cleaned it. By the time i was through with that i was well cooked. and pouring with sweat. and it was 11pm.
Then i cooked...pasta in tomato sauce ... with loads of cheese..and olives (i love olives. dont care. they always go with anything).
But then I wasnt hungry enough to eat. Too tired. Thankfully hadnt made much. Slept off by 1230.

Next day:
Had to give wake up calls to a frnd to wake him up at 8, and I finally started getting ready at 9am! Oh! I didnt tell you. we had to take out the fresh batch of management trainees to a water aprk (an HR idea! mentors to be familiar with the MTs!)
So i reached the place a lil late....in the extremely hot and humid weather. by extremely hot i mean EXTREMELY hot.
We reached the waterpark. It was not well organised. So we 3 'buddies' (as we have been named by HR) managed something and felt like 3 school teachers taking a class out for picnic! Damn!
Bad day. The water was full of semi nude men who could do with some body building! *I wish!!* and coquettish aunties...and more men.
Did not even feel like touching the water! If you could see any that is.
Three of us managed to find a nice park next to the water park (same property though) and chilled out there under trees and near a nice lake. SOon it was lunch time, and managed to eat something in th eheat (decent food). Then some of then wanted to frolick in the water. the rest just stayed int he shade and 'bonded". THat way it was good. came to assign names to the many faces. Played (yeah u guessed it) Dumb Charades...!! Well...so be it! Chatted, joked, in short waited for time to pass while we got slowly and steadily well cooked in the hot air (natural) oven atmosphere. The park was too noisy, and at least this place was quiet.
At 4 pm decided to summon the rest and moved on. By this time I had a bad headache, and was only thankful for not getting into the water (I would have got a nice allergy)...the bus journey was long, but ok. dosed for 15mins.
Came home and it felt better even without the fan! didnt even have the enrgy to bathe.
Just as i was abt to dose off, sashdude called (and efectively woke me up). Byt he time after that I managed to move, it was 8pm. Cancelled my dinner engagement. Had an egg mayonnaise n olive (Yeah!!) sandwich...and went off to sleep by 10pm.
Next day woke up sore and aching. felt like I had done some wt lifting with upper arms aching and back aching...

Monday evening. a frnd calls and says he is leaving town. Better meet up for dinner. SO be it! and then went for a movie - Kya Kool Hai Hum. Supposed to be a 'cheap' comedy. Was not that bad. At least the humor was not the run of the mill trying-to-be-funny kinds. More like our daily used slastick with a touch of non-veg. I enjoyed myself, cut off sashdude when he called, my (cousin) brothers, sister, mom and other extended family (who are all together in Cal), and saw ittill the end.
At 1am rememebred about a meeting today morning of which I rememebred i had prepared nothing. Tried to sleep.

Today. Was woken up with the milk man at 730am (early for me) who my maid has started! tried to sleep, kept waking up every 5 mins. Till got a call from Atanarjuat at 8am. that did it. well, got up n ready and left for office. Meanwhile amnaged to spill the millk while trying to boil it - once while pouring it (how i dunno) and then while boiing it (forgot!). Read up a lil for the meeting. Went OK....and then a few more jobs went OK. came to know of sashdudes reliance acquisition in details. And amazed a Hutch employee with my phone bill and usage pattern when i called to ask about a better tariff plan.

Meanwhile also managed to catch up on a few frnds on phone...over the past few days.

now today evening am supposed to meet some ppl...hopefully theyll be busy :d Need to call home also! The thing is, if i get this over with, wont have them pending.Am looking forward to saturday/sunday :) Ahh...rest! I hope.

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