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My watch is back in action! And it sure feels good to be wearing it. Seems like the problem was the abttery after all. am thinking of getting another one in exchange for this sometime soon, when i get a little more bored of htis. Only thing is, I like this one too much...especially the bright violet-blue dial.
well...hope the battery gets changed for the better (tomorrow) and it works fine ;)
yes, it is good to feel it on my wrist after the long (almost 1 month) absence, where i felt it but it wasnt there, and the number of times i had to look at an empty wrist for the time followed by a look at the cell screen. Sigh! :) Old habits die hard, and believe it or not, a watch has been part of my attire too long for me to live comfortably without it.
I have been running late because of its absence, and just the feel of it makes me feel nice.
Okay..sice im repeating myself, i think id better move on and fninish typing :d

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13th Jun, 2005 10:35 (UTC)
i cant live without
my watch either, in fact its my constant companion and i go off to sleep with it on and get confused if i get up and dont know what time it is. i havent changed mine for the past decade. i like your violet dial as well, it looks very different and chic and suits you, and to top it, like mine, its also a swatch :).
13th Jun, 2005 12:01 (UTC)
Re: i cant live without
talk about garlanding so that the garland falls on ur own neck. and poor lil ol me is the one accused!
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