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Dirxasaurus_RexDirxasaurus_Rex (why almost all the ppl i know are Rex's of some kind i dont know. perhaps I reign supreme Queen;) ) has tagged me to write about my current favorite songs. Okay, perhaps favourite is not the right word. Songs that im listening to everyday for the past few days.
Now, considering that Im makein Sashdude send em at least one song a day, my list is pretty dynamic at the moment (Yippee! Sashdude will be here to meet me in about 3 days!) but I will try.

Though how many of them Dirx will be able to recognise I dont know, considering some of them are Hindi. U can try downloading and listening. So here goes, in no particular order:

1. Piyu Bole from Parineeta. Distinctly influenced by Ravindranath Tagore, and western music, this is actually an enchanting piece, esp if you see the movie (which I did yesterday)
2. Crazy Frog. Dont think it needs much intrduction, but ther it is. I find myself going "Brim brim" more than once a day!
3. Kajrare from 'Bunty aur Babli' is another song that has kept me humming for quite a few days. Could have done with better honed vocals (no sash, Im not saying anything about Alisha Chinoy here;) ), this quavalli/mujra sure does have a catchy tune. Try out Dhadak Dhadak and Chup chup ke also.
4. Turn me On -Kelly. No matter how obnoxious the lyrics for an office env., the tune has got me humming it, esp becaus eof the lyrics i think ;) an old song, but nevertheless I am enchanted by it once again. Ask M!
5. Here I would like to place the songs that play on my winamp al day and I usually play them in groups.
Grp a (lounge): Karunesh - Punjab (a must!! though if someone can tell me the correct words...), Nasha Flute Fantasy, Enigma
Grp b (ethnic): Allah Ke bande, Bullah Ki Jana -Rabbi Shergill
Grp c (Ghazals & quawallis): CHupke Chupke, Jane ki Zid, Aya tere dar par, (you get the idea)
Grp d (favorties): Nirvana, Oasis, U2, Pearl Jam...(u get the idea)
Grp E (just acquired)
Grp f: Hindi new, peppy

So you see, there is no exact song that I sing all the tie. My Winamp list is pretty dynamic, and thats what I find myself singing. Latest songs of course have an impact, but there are some constants...more like a genre than a particular song.

now, I will ask whoever reads this to add on...

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15th Jun, 2005 11:29 (UTC)
now listening and listen
to nearly the same set of songs, with the addition of
Young Girl-by the union jack, infectious song with nice lyrics and a nostalgic air.
darius danesh-colour blind, i like the now on and now off beat of the song, and darius being the runner up at the uk pop idol concert is rather good.
robbie williams-angels.. a song which has grown on me over the years, in fact i hated rw until dippyblogs kept playing better man, and i got used to it.
Woh Lamhe-Dj Suketu.. A song which refuses to be stopped, one of the few remixed songs that has good vocals and a trendy look..
ColdPlay- Awesomely good british band with vocals and guitaring from rock heaven... their album- clocks.
Grp1- Nostalgic collection of the songs of wonder years
Grp2- Collection of songs from back in b school, dj nasha and nirvana lounge and karunesh.. kandisa too!..
Grp3- Hindi - Kishore Kumar hits nearly 100+
Grp4 - misc-songs from nowhere in particular featuring a catchy tune.
Grp5- rock legends, Led zeppelin, Pink Floyd..
Grp6- Popular rock and pop including bryan adams, GNR,Def Leppard,Metallica,U2....

15th Jun, 2005 12:00 (UTC)
Re: now listening and listen
Hey!!! I never played Better man. find it a particularly sad song of his!
Agree on young girl and DJ SUketu...woh lamhe...
darius..OK. at one time it was my ring tone..but i cant hum with cold play..except 'yellow'

and by the way u were sposed to mention 5 fav songs of the moment :d
15th Jun, 2005 12:10 (UTC)
Re: now listening and listen
i might be wrong abt the song and rw.. 5 fav songs of the moment
piyu bole - parineeta
woh lamhe - zeher
crazy frog
hey mama - black eyed peas
coldplay - the scientist
16th Jun, 2005 11:05 (UTC)
You made me think again!!!
Yes D, i know abt Kelly and "Turn me On" ;)...I agree...even though the song wud never feature on my list of favourite / current favourite songs.
My current favourite songs ..D u are making me think again... !!
The list is courtsey Radio Mirchi, D, my boss
(a) Bunty aur Bubbly: I have been driving half the people around me crazy by singing Bunty aur bubli... Chup chup ke... Dhadak Dhadak... !! Have fallen in love more after I saw the movie (Thanks to D again :) )
(b) Hum Hain Iss Pal Yahan: I always liked the song..and its still on my mind thanks to my boss who has the ringtone...
(c) Woh Lamhe
(These are top 3...there's no top 5!!)
All time Favourites:
(a) Gulzar ...esp Ghar, Golmaal, Gharounda etc. I find Gulzar & R D Burman Combination the best.
(b) Hemant Kumar compositions: Khamoshi, Jaal....
(c) Songs from Naasir Hussain movies: Hum Kisi se kam nahi, Yaadon ki Baarat, Manzil Manzil, Teesri Manzil...
(d) Songs from Hrishikesh Mukherjee, Basu Chatterjee type movies; Chupke Chupke, Rajnigandha, Choti se baat...
(e) Miscellaneous: No particular category... songs like Neele neele ambar pe (original), sajna hai mujhe (original), yeh kahan aa gaye hum, aate jaate....
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