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Pleasant Memories

we move on in time. yet there are these things that we enjoyed with our peers because they were "in" then, and we continue to like them no matter how old we become. And we revel in them all through or mostly though our lives. We might even consider some juniors with what may be called distaste because they dont like them...
These are somethings that we will always consider superior and best.
and by looking at these from an external point only can we see how 'old' we have become. We ourselves cannot realise.
eg. In our B-school time we enjoyed songs like Sharara and Shakira....but the next batch of our B school obviously doesnt have the same memories for these songs. And if we sit back and consider how old these songs actually are, we realise how old we are. But these songs will always bring a smile to our faces, no matter how late in years.

And so pleasant memories stay (and so do bitter ones) and act as a time determining factor...and are also the things that make you realise what you treasure.

Perhaps this will explain the nostalgic smile on your parents face when talking of something like the rage of XXX ... and our impatience and not understanding of why they had that half smile and lost expression.

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14th Jun, 2005 14:04 (UTC)
...and on the subject of memories-its funny how a smell can bring back such sudden jolts of nostalgia. Sometimes you just stop in your tracks and are transported back in time to a different place. I think its your body takes pictures of that moment and defining a path connecting that to your past is the smell. Maybe just one of the ways in which we recall things. But its quite pleasant-most of the time;)
15th Jun, 2005 05:15 (UTC)
i think i know exactly what you mean, coz however contemperory i am no match for my nephews, i think kishore is still cool and hum the songs that our dads were singing once, and my nephews look upon me indulgently as one would a harmless dinosaur!!!! :)... i sing bappi da's gems like disco dancer and get yelled at!..
16th Jun, 2005 10:17 (UTC)
I totally agree
:) Yes I know what you mean... As sashdude said, Bappida's songs remind me of my school days and I still hum "Yaar bina chain kahan re..". Certain songs when aired on the radio have the same effect...
Even weather brings back memories... "Samrajya weather" & "Paldi weather"? ;)
And the "basement smell" of our induction days?
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