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Let Me Entertain You!

Movies Galore! Tinsel Town Strikes Again! The world goes round, yet cinemas never do...or do they? am not a fan of the silver screen, watch things if theres nothing better to do, or got someone inviting me over...yet this is what happens to me. imagine the fate of a movie buff?
anyway. fact of matter. in the past 4 days ive seen 3 movies in theaters...and not that i wanted to  see any of them! started off on a bad foot - saw 'mujhse shaadi karogi' with roomie... for lack of anything else. saw it. that was friday. in dire circumstances u could call it funny. if ur life depended on it that is.
saturday passed without a movie, they were showing pulp fiction on TV, but had gone to a party and no one there was interested. u cant watch pulp fiction while in a party. Big Mis :(. well OK! party was fine!
Come sunday. roomie and I decide to go house hunting. broker is out of reach. Had got up early for him. dont have anything to do now. what better to do than remove the bad taste of a bad movie with Oh No!. roomie chooses another Hindi movie 'Fida'. am not to interested, but no english movie playing. nothing new that is. nothing that my roomie will agree to watch. go to movie. halfway thru colleagues call. are u free in the evening? yes. what about a movie with us? (yeah cant think of anything but movies) which one? Fida. (laugh) am in the thatre! uncle calls. mom calls. aunt calls. stall all calls.amazingly movie is decent. ending could have been a bit better, but if u remember, i had been expecting the worst. chalo, good time pass. better than MSK!
go shopping. good shopping. it was pending for around a month now. my bday gift. bought it at last. saw house. turned out good. will take it. while on this spree, frnd calls. how about movie tonight? which one? Fida. no. just saw it. lets see about tomorrow. OK. what about dinner tonight? no. am going out with someone else. OK. bye.
Monday. got a movie waiting for me at the end of the day. which one? forgot to cancel tiffin. never mind. meet frnd. go out. eat a frankie. dint know u got them in abad. perception of the place improves. go get tickets for Catwoman. the only new english movie in town. could have been better. come home. feel hungry. eat part of tiffin. thanks it was there!
so that makes it 3 movies in 4 days, with 3 invitation for the same movie, one accepted. What is it with films? is it that there is nothing better to do here or is it that it is the perfect entertainer? Will find out someday i guess...hopefully...

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