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Meetings & frndships

Its funny (perhaps not the right adjective). Does it happen with you? Sometimes (Usually) when I meet a person for the first time and s/he seems interesting, I usually tend to want to spend mroe time with that person, till I know more, and usually then find the person uninteresting, and usually get a little bored. Then comes this gap in communication, after which interactions remain, but much lower, and usually depending upon how interesting I found the person on general principle.

It is like this lets meet again and again till I get to know u (as much as I want to) and then. Ok there, u didnt seem so interesting. lets meet after a month!
I think this is a pretty regular phenomenon with most ppl. we are bored so easy. This is what is called 'exploring a person'...only, it happens not only for relationships, but also for normal frndships.

And how did I end up with this theme? I dont know. It occured to me while looking at the new management trainees, and reminded me of my past interactions.

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15th Jun, 2005 07:50 (UTC)
u pretty much answered ur own question
but i guess thats how relationships are made in any case. Its one of the universal themes. Happens to me all the time..but u know that!.. I grow bored in lesser time than it takes for light to travel to magrathea :)...
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