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Lets fill up time!

It rained. It rained day before evening. and the weather has been glorious by Ahmedabad standards. Cloudy and not so sunny...at least!&At Last!
And went today afternoon to get something for M, with M...she needs to shop for her brothers upcoming engagement. and...there is as usual, no time to shop! so lunch time it was squeezed in.
And...well. Work problems, best being a database has been lost. yes, a database in the form of a copy protected CD has been lost by some faithful colleague of mine! Bah!
Grandma not too well.
And ... boss coming only for 2 days now, not 7 :( Yet...its not so bad. And why...well, I think the weekend has helped. :)
Yesterday I spent quite a bit of the evening at a newly married neighbours place. He happens to be a junior of AtanarjuatAtanarjuat 's flatmate. Poor guy had typhoid, now his wife has sprained an ankle. Ended up staying back for more than an hour! Surprised myself ;)
Sunday I at last relaxed. rather, let loose. Woke up thanks to my faithful maid and sweeper (usual story i know!), but then spent most of the rest of the morning lazing on the bed. Having the awesome Filter Coffee that SashdudeSashdude brought from Andhra...mmm.
Afternon I was asked out for lunch, and felt an urge to have nice Muglai fromt he old city. Poor guy got a flat tire, and I was too lazy. cancelled the lunch. Lazed at home, slept a little to make up for the past few days. evening joined M at a multiplex for her (aforementioned) wedding shopping! Wanted to watch Batman Begins. Ended up watching Silsiilay (that the spelling M?)...kis manhoos ghadi mein uska naam suna pata nahin (which unfortunate moment I heard of it I dont know!)...ya it was not so bad after all, actually expected something different from what it turned out to be. That was the only problem. Not to mention unnecessary songs!
Saturday ...hmm, here I think I will stop writing in reverse sequence and begin with Friday!..no make that Thursday!!!
Time for NEXT BLOG.

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