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Before It All Happened

There was a Thursday. There was excitement. There was ... well, there was a happening weekend coming up. Thursday was the day I realised I needed to put some order in my room, my house, get a few things together, and basically prepare for the upcoming sashdude and SB visit.
So I cancelled a dinner invite, ordered a frnd to bootleg for me, and went to his place to collect the beautiful Russian Lady, also known in many circles as Vodka. My dear frnd was cooking. So partook of well cooked North-East Indian style pork and rice, preceeded with Vodka and Tortillas shells. Thats when (naturally) I had to get a number of calls exactly then...including Sashdudesashdude and AtanarjuatAtanarjuat. Wonder how RexzillaRexzilla did not call.
Was dropped back by 1230 (early enough considering its a dry state...) and tried to tidy my house...but too much of an effort! So dropped off to sleep. Morning at least the maid came and cleaned. however, by the time she left, the room was a mess again. And I had to rush to office. There was a meeting with a client which I had clean forgotten about.
the day was special - there was every possible bit of work lined up. Not a moment, not even to reply to sms-es or non official mails.
and in betweeen that there was M who reminded me every hour of how many hrs before Sashdudesashdude arrived.
Managed to more or less tie up ends and surf a little and then make my way to the airport. reached there in 15 mins flat! Got 3 dinner invites of which one was a bday invite. declined them all joyfully :) and then the dude arrived, albeit 15 mins late. Read further here on his page. The visit was highlighted by irrelevant talk, long post dinner sojourn on the mosaic terrace with enough Orange Juice, Vodka and ice...not to mention shot glasses and lemons...Sleep eluded us though finally it did manage to catch up at arnd 5am...only to be woken by the (obsequious and omnipresent and punctual) maid at 830am. Apparently Sashdude had a tough time with him managing the exact location where the sun comes in.
Nevertheless, we decided not to watch the movie Batman Begins (sigh!) and then moved on to lunch, where M was supposed to join us, but in the end didnt.
Time passed fast, and before one knew, it was time for me to leave him at the station.
Thence ended the visit of sash. There were surprises - unexpected...we barely talked (compared to what we thought we would) but then we had fun...and talk we eitherways do, on phone. Gone to the wind were the carefully planned activities like taking him to the lawgarden, make candles, show some snaps...but I did manage to show my house (though in a dirty stage) and take him to a Gujju Thali place for dinner (overwhelming experience). The man got me 5 CDs :) of music...and sweets...and made his way to the ultimate reason for the visit - the frnds wedding. where the Pundit spoke in terms like "ab kanyake right hand pe kamdalam and left hand se throw the rice" (lol). Apparently Sash enjoyed Jaipur ;) We also managed to take some eerie snaps on the terrace...with the light of my phone under and above our heads in the pitch dark (kiddish but fun). The dogs in my neighbourhood (whom I didnt know existed) decided to say Hi to Sash and mate...that very night...and heard a particularly annoying procession and singer make his way through the main road near my house very slowly,...at 1 or so in the morning. We waited for rain...and there was none. It was humid. and set the stage for rain the next day (Sunday which I very obviously enjoyed and got wet in).

Back to me on Saturday evening post 6pm. coming back I recieve a call from SB that the flight got cancelled. He will be coming by another one, an hour late. I was not to go to the airport. Considering the sweltering heat, I did agreed easily. Also, NB would be coming, and though a btachmate of mine, it would be prudent to tidy up home. Hence I did. Finally the house actaully got the makeover it needed, and the drawing, kitchen and my rooms were clean. Since flight was late, SB decided not to come over, but to meet directly over dinner. He was enthusiastic about the Gujju Thali...and even a carefully asked "would you raher have nice non veg?" was said no to. So, the same place as last night, and incidentally the same table it was! The waiters smiled at me...and so did the man with the aamras (Mango pulp).
There was time to spare, hence we made our way to my humble abode. Had a nice hour or so (only) with him before he hurried off to the station, expecting the same bad roads and traffic as in Bangalore. Well...at least manaegd to hand him the Gujju dry fare that I had bought for him. Today happens to be his bday also. First one after marriage...spending it with parents in law!

Well...coming back it was M and I again. We made our way to the terrace and had a drink...night cap. and tried to sleep. Before you knew it, it was sunday.

And that my dears, is the story of my life...over the past few days.

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