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Culinary Delights

Back from an extensive lunch. And today it was not in office. Went out with the wonderful travelogue writer and food connoiseur who took me (and others) to the Gir Lion Sanctuary in Feb.
Got in touch with him quite accidentally, and decided to meet to exchange notes. Since going over for tea post office is dicey, what with me working at the other end of town and it raining almost incessantly, we decided to meet for lunch on friday, and we would go to this place which served god nonveg. Knowing his culinary tastes, i warned that it had to be a light lunch and that too extending for not more than 1 hr.
An excerpt from the two choices he offered me, not trying to bore anyone, but here is how he writes about it to me:

"Oh, I like Simran. I was thinking of your likes and dislikes. If Simran is fine with you its good for me. you want me to order anything special like the tandoori leg of mutton or something, i can do it on the phone as they need 30min notice for that? Generally, the tawa prawns, tandoori pomfret and keema kaleji are safe bets there. Another good place is the coffee-shop at Hotel Pride, they have a table-de-hote menu that is really substantial and value-for-money, with choice of good Indian, Italian and Continental and above average Thai and Chinese, only it is weak on confectionary which I find funny for a coffee shop to have such lousy breads and cakes (!), and the chef is a Bengali from Park Street if you feel like talking Calcutta to him we can call him to the table!

Either of the two sounds good to me, if you have not been to Pride we can go there. The tandoori prawns there were to die for when I ate them a month back but since then the chef has changed but it should still be good. "

So we went to Simran today (after i protested at the thought of w leg of mutton between work on a tuesday afternoon). He picked me up from outside office at dot 1pm, and we had almost exactly what he mentioned in the mail. Tandoori Pomfret (YUM!!) followed by tiger prawn curry (Oh! what prawns!) and tawa kaleji (liver) madfe to perfection. All the dishes were from heaven, and the kaleji took my heart away (no not the liver)! Accompanied by a large, and beautifully made Rumali Roti and a tall glass of juice. The Rain goddess was also very kind, and it rained all mornign, but stopped at 12.45, but restarted at 1.45pm. thus saving us from possible traffic problem thanks to rains. We left Simran (The Restaurant) a little before 2pm. and i was safely in my seat by 2.10pm. Simran happens to be quite near my office, only on the other side of the river. Gujarat being a predominantly vegetarian state though being coastal is the main source of sea food to the rest of the coutry, and the fare here is exceedingly good, not to mention fresh. Only thing is, I didnt know this till now.

Back now, could barely move after the meal, and now that an hour has passed, definitely feeling much more human. Will try out Pride some day soon (its a new 5star here, and the lunch mentioned above is apparently only INR150!! I mean...WTF!). Gone there once, but then it was a buffet. Will try out Pride at night though, dinner is better than lunch :) unless a holiday.

This definitely was not a working lunch, and thankfully there was no wine or beer to make it even more non-working. :)

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