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importance of a classroom

As a student, I aways berated the fact that the teacher expected us to go prepared for a class and ask questions. Perhaps I was correct, but now as i am no longer able to be in a similar atmosphere, I do wonder whether it was after all the correct thing to do. There are so many interesting things in the world, so much that we know so little about,. the best way to achieve results is to brainstorm, yet how many of us do that? And axctually, how many of us CAN do that? If today a play from Shakespere interests me all over again, I will read it, open a dictionary, go over a thesaurus and a bit of mythology and dervive what meanings I can of it, and reach my own interpretations. but imagine the excitement and the involvement when I discuss it with a freind or two. We debate. we discover more salient points and point of views than I could have even dreamed of. My interest in the subject rises, and soon I dont just know that play of Shakespeare, but have doubts on it, know the history of it and a number of interesting albiet useless pieces of information on it. Time consuming? Yes, but also immensly more helpful than a lonely excercise.
Perhaps this is what our teachers always wanted. but to think this out demands interest, and interest can hardly ever be generated for someone who thinks it is COMPULSARY to do it. it is not your free will which decides, thus it cannot be nice.
But today, given a chance, there would be so many of my lessons and my freinds, class mates and teachers with whom I would like to sit, and actually be told to spend time discussing stuff. Getting to know stuff better, rather than be expected to know it, and battle with many other things to Find the time....like we do now.
Oh! How nice it would be to have a place where we discuss the same topic un-interrupted.


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