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capsules are photogenic. soft gelatin, semi transparent capsules. the ones u will probably hold in front of ur eye, against light to hope to see some thing through them. because they give you the idea that they are translucent, at least.
Capsules, soft gelatin, malleable capsules. The ones u can hold betwen ur fingers and sqeeze, and they return to their original shape, pronto. the almost seamless oval shaped thingies in interesting gem like colours. Usually tasteless, most of us have encountered these capsules - in the form of the beautiful yellow/green Vitamin E, or in the form of the Seven Seas Cod Liver Oil that your grandparent or mother tried forcing down your throat.
capsules like these are easy to swallow. I like to think of their plaible-ness as they move down your gullet. changing shape as per the contractions of your oesophagus. Do they? I try to find out.
After working in a pharma company, i now also think of when they probably lose the outer gelatin layer.

Capsules most definitely "non vegetarian", well at least in most cases. and if a company happens to make any in the plant, Voila! you seem them by the hordes on their web pages adorning them...giving the pharma touch as well as the beauty.

a capsule making plant...well, the result that comes out of the machine is a gluey gruesome mass of sticky things that then firm up in controlled environment to make the seamless beautiful artificial gems with light refracting around them, glinting, almost like beds you would buy off a jewellers showroom...except that these are plaiable, and like i mentioned, delightfully so. They are then polished for that shine they give, and finally bottled. No sir, capsule making is difficult, more so than any tablet, or those boring caosules made of two shells which you can dissect and take the powder contents out from (eugh!)

However, most of these capsules are mosre like supplements, OTC products, somethign that will not make you much better, than of course in improving your life style...or soemthign like that!

Oh and by the way, please discount the ugly Vitamin b12 capsules. They smell awfull too!

PS-how did i get onto this topic? Last night in search for a toffee i chanced upon my box of medicines, where i found that leftover strip of Vitamin E which I had been prescribed some time ago. Then as i looked on the net for some information, on pharma companies, i saw the hordes of capsules. Hence.

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5th Jul, 2005 10:04 (UTC)
ugh! - medicines
tablets are ugh!
capsules are worse
but do you know what is more so?
when i put them in verse...
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