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Incidents of the past few days, in chronological order:

1. A certain freind of mine gets flanked on one side by a footpath and on the other by an unruly bus. Survives with a deep cut on the calf, and a bent silencer and footrest on his new Enfield...and shock.
2. Another freind of mine has a car accident - 3 cars crash onto each other (back to front) on a highway thanks to a hinderance on the road in front of the first car. Nobody hurt, cars of course go to doctor. Wallet badly hurt.
3. Apart from a nagging lower back bone ache, i slip on stairs and get an additional ache on my back to reckon with. Nothing except temper hurt.
3. Yet another freind goes out and on return journey faces rains while he is on his motorcycle. Car coming out of unexpected side alley causes him to brake, foggy glasses and all, and fall on his back, head and arm. No major injury except scraches and body ache.
4. Come to know of another frnd driving car, almost blinded by sudden onslaught of rain who managed to just about halt behind a truck parked in the middle of a main road, escaping an accident.

All preceeded by my Moms famous ankle twist (causing a fracture) and my grandmoms sudden turn for the worse.

Yep! Accidents sure are what they are supposed to be - sudden.

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