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has it ever happened to you that descriptions seem larger than the real thing? you go to a place, and you are told its got x,y,z in very neutral tones. and you know these things are nice. yet put together they dont seem so spectacular as they could have been.
a lamp shade, on a glass table, on the corner of the room, might not look great in fact might still amke a room look bare even though a room with sofas, curtains, table, bookshelf and that lampshade might sound so full! each article is nice, yet does not amnage to give that effect of fullness, and comfort and beauty that u can picturise with the words.

description of someone in "jeans, batik shirt, casual look" will be more out of the place sounding in office than the actual thing when seen in office.

and there are some things when described sound plain, yet actaully seen look amazing. "a picture on the wall, usual sofas, a TV in a corner and a few tables" sounds plain and boring, yet can look amazing, comfortable, neat and pretty.

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