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Early Morning Woes

Travelling early:

1. sleep at 1230

2. get up at 3 in the monrning (on insistence of cab driver timing)

3. reach airport by 4am (too early, as predicted by me! why oh why do I listen to cab drivers?)

4. reach plane by 515 (darned check ins...stupid system)

5. flight delayed, leaves at 550am (and all this while im cooped up inside the plane)

6. reach at 7am (Bah! but At Last!)

7. get a rick from a'port which breaks down on an empty road

8. get another rick and make it home at last

9. fight regarding non payment of extra on compassion basis

10. try to sleep only to be woken up by calls from here and there and finally maid and alarms

11. make it to office looking suitably tired for having taken yesterday off

Oh...and the advantages? Being able to see Sunrise from above the clouds. That will be another post :) i assure you.

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15th Jul, 2005 09:46 (UTC)
i think the last part makes up for the woes.. i love flying, and being able to see the sunrise from above is wow!, since the horizon is kinda nearly absent. :).
The important part being to see the sunrise.. i mean how often do i see it at all? :)
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