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day so far

feeling pretty good.
woke up at a record 9.15am. Office starts at 9.30. No coffee, did bathe though!!! Managed it in time :)
Winamp actually played! It acted corrupt again last evening even after all those times i installed and un0installed it. and what songs it played! :) Made me feel pretty good.
Mailed all frnds, there was a long series on Bombay floods and cribs in general.
Rexzilla sent Google Earth Images of our institute, and the one showing that area from a ht of 6km promptly became my desktop. A source of envy for others (I hope) :)

canteen decies to have what they call a "Weekend Fiesta". an idea that bombed last time when they tried it out - Better food from good caterers on weekends, i.e. Friday, saturday, for an extra of 5 per plate. Was ok, better than the last time caterers.
Came back however with a nagging headache.
Just had tea outside office, and back. Now to work...i hope

The Forbes List of 100 Most Powerful Women to motivate me.

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