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what does it take to be passionate about something? believe in it totally, and only?

there are so many who will give up anything for one cause...and not because they have been born into it, or have seen anything against/for it. Just that they believe in it. Where do they get the drive, pasion, force, drive to do it? How do they believe in it so much?

Im not talking of relegion here, im talking of other spheres. Peace workers who have lived in peace all their lives. Business ppl who have lived in affluence all their lives. activists who have never met one or felt the need of one in their history of 3 generations.

What gives? Where? How? How come there are such ppl who find their vocation as early as early teens? There are people like us, well OK me, who are less than jacks of some trades. and dont have the passion, ownership, will to do somethings. and then you have these ppl who will ... well, ill nt repeat myself.

I ask you this direct question. A truthful answer needed: 'What are you passionate about?'

I dont mean like, enjoy, love. I mean passion.

As for me. Nothing.

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30th Jul, 2005 05:17 (UTC)
I have asked this question to myself so many times..I remember even discussing this with you... and yet there's NOTHING. As you said, I love / like a lot of things..but passionate??
I also rmember one of my friends telling me that if there is nothing you are passionate about, there is no meaning in life!!! Made me feel lost...
Maybe it'll take a few more years to discover myself...
Somehow, your blog reminded me of V. Kya bolti hai?
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